Your Gateway to Greatness in Life Make a MARK

Transform Your Thinking, Actions and Habits.
Achieve Higher Level Goals with
MARK Model of Effectiveness and Success.
Program by Rajiv Sharma, NLP Coach


You learn to improve your thinking and regulate better actions through your nervous system. Everything begins in our minds, be it success or failure, relationships or distancing, happiness or sorrow.


With MARK Model, you will learn to translate your mindset into actions. Every action you take will move you towards your goals. You will develop talent and skill that will take you to the epitome of success.


With repetition of your successful actions, you will create powerful habits. Your success in walks of life depends upon your behaviour. You will learn to respond effectively creating more of what you want.


With repetition and new habits, you will create New Knowledge. You will be a creator of wisdom that will take you places. Application of knowledge will give you control over your life. You will achieve whatever you will organize your mind for.

Rajiv Sharma

Rajiv Sharma has trained over 500,000 people in last 30 years in various countries. Many of his participants have gone online to review his trainings with average Google Rating of 4.9. rates him among top 30 NLP Gurus. rates his sessions among top 10 NLP Trainings worldwide.

Rajiv Sharma has been endorsed by many top leaders and professionals.

Brian Tracy has endorsed Rajiv for his trainings,  video message here.

NLP Communication Model

How Does NLP Work?

NLP works to transform the way you think, the manner you speak and create influential behaviour.

We will help you develop sensory equity which is the source of all your knowledge and wisdom. We teach you to see beyond the obvious and hear what is not being said and develop a highest level of empathy to collaborate with your customers, partners, friends and family.

Neuro Linguistic Programming encompasses all spheres of life. You use it all the time, be it home, office or in social meetings. 

We Specialize in

Leadership and Management

Business Strategy and
Sales Growth

Customer Service and Building Loyalty

Negotiations and
Conflict Management

Team Building and
Group Dynamics

Developing Effective

Analytical Skills and Decision Making

Operations and
Capacity Building

Coaching and
Learning & Development