You are born to
Make a MARK in Life.

Why settle for less?

Make a MARK in Life book helps you evolve New Mindset, take Massive Actions, create powerful habits with Repetition and innovate New Knowledge.

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Life is all about learning and accomplishments, not necessarily materialistic but in every sphere of our being.

Be it health, spirituality, mediation and creation of wealth, we all came to this planet earth to make a mark.
Very few achieve what they wanted and become role models for others.

Most get distracted and lose their way in the journey of life.

Several people are privileged to receive formal education and take advantage of their learning.
However, many people have to develop life’s vital skill as they move ahead in their career.

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Rajiv Sharma is a sought of speaker and coach. He created the ‘MARK Model’ in 2013 and since then thousands of people in many countries have benefited from this model. Check Reviews what people are saying about this model. Rajiv coaches and trains professionals to:
  • Develop required Mindset to Achieve Your Goals
  • Take Actions and achieve What You Want;
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Effectiveness;
  • Get Rid of Useless Thoughts and Habits;
  • Build New Skills and Improve Your Memory;
and you learn much more that will help you get huge growth in your journey of life.

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Based on MARK Practitioner Workshop

How you think, process information and make interpretations through your senses. Today, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you are the product of your mindsets. The program begins with you setting SMARTER Goals and as you sail though you create a clear road map to achieve your ambitions and desires.

In the Mindset module of ‘MARK Model’, you learn:
It’s true everything begins with an idea in your mind, but nothing happens until you take an action. And this is where lies the root of success all stories. Every action you take either takes you towards your goal or away from it. In ‘MARK Model’ you learn how to convert your thoughts, your ideas into actions.

You develop personal standard operating procedure to achieve your goals.
Repetition, doing things over and over again, refining your moves for higher efficiency and effectiveness. You will notice that no success is final; all these points are milestones.
You are evolving as a better human being with every achievement.
And with every accomplishment, you are creating a new set of information.
Knowledge is new wealth. In this information age, our earning depends on our learning.

The more you know and act upon, your probability of creating wealth multiplies.

There is an ocean of information out there, but you can’t turn these raw facts to wealth until you process it.

Majority of people fail here, and they don’t know how to turn this information to knowledge.